Clay Memory Tiles




Class Time: Friday 1-2pm

April 9 Week 1:


1. Drop offed: Sketch Book, pencils and pastels



Week 2:

April 16


Think about what it is that you want to contribute to this project?


We're each making some drawings about a memory or a set of memories. That's the work we're doing right now. It might seem thin or not much, but we'll build on it, and we'll share our memories with each other.   This work will become the visual foundation of the tiles we make. It can be abstract or representational and figurative. We will also pull out elements to form designs and patterns.

April 23 Week 3:

Drawing and adding color

2. Drop off plastic boxes with wet clay tiles in ziplock bags, with tools for working clay

April 30 Weeks 4 & 5: Wet clay DOUBLE CLASS 1-3


Note: We can arrange a second time if some people can't make this class.


3. Pick up wet clay work BISQUE

May 7  Week 6 Firing Break

4. Drop off bisqued tiles with clay paints

You will have 18 colors from:

Velvet Underglazes Color Chart

May 14  Week 7:

Painting the tiles.

May 21 Week 8:

Painting the tiles week two.


5. Pick up painted tiles: CONE 6 FIRE


May 28 Week 9:

Looking at the finished work together through zoom I will create a slide show of the work and add it to this webpage.

June 4 Week 10:

Arranging the final work for the wall mosaics. (This can be done later, too).