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Park Towne Place

June 5 - October 1, 2022

Opening Reception: June 22

How do we make sense out of the constant change in the buildings and organization of Philadelphia? How do we treasure what remains and remember what is gone? Linger is my exploration of Park Towne Place's architecture through a comparison of the vertical and horizontal history of this specific place in the city.


Linger 1

Porcelain models of the four Park Towne Place towers installed in a large garden, balance over a few of the historical buildings they supplanted.  Each building is about one foot tall with 2000 individual windows and 32 balconies. 


Linger 2

Miniature high rise complexes from the mid-twentieth century are recreated in porcelain including Park Towne Place, Society Hill Towers and University of Pennsylvania High Rises. They are juxtaposed to the equally ambitious, but now demolished public projects of Mill Creek, Blumberg, Mantua Hall and Southwark.  Roughly 4 to 6 inches high, cone 6 porcelain. Window patterns impressed from 3D printed stamps.