An Archive of Desire

October 2020

Take a tour of the installation "An Archive of Desire" including

    Fractured/Reflections   6' x 16', 96 - 1ft mirror squares on the Grand Staircase landing

    What I Wish I Knew Vitrine 1 holds a porcelain maquette of the mansion's roof, as well as the cupola which no longer tops the mansion. A bed of stoneware river stones lies at the edge. Inside the base of the vitrine is a tiny movie theater playing the sunrise from the rooftop on loop.

    Remnants Vitrine 2 holds models of some less grand bits of architecture including the servant's stair, a pink group bathroom, the base of the cupola that is still in the attic and a ladder to access it, as well as small models of the the vitrines themselves which are left over from the 1893 World's Fair. The final model is of "Fractured/Reflections," referencing Glen Foerd now and its current artist-in-residence program which made this work possible.