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I’m an explorer, looking at what’s in front of me, trying to figure out how it got this way and what it means.  I explore places, buildings and settings, and things other people have made.  But I don’t have a rocket ship.  I’m on a bike, or it could have a flat tire so I’m on foot.

I use sculpture, made with ceramics and fibers, but also electronics, video, and performance, to create installations.  I make objects, and pictures that are sort of objects.  I create spaces and scenes which are kind of real. Sometimes you can feel them breathe.

Relying on the tools and secrets picked up along the way, I dig out the interesting bits, drawing a map of my city Philadelphia, investigating history and recreating narratives. Tools like: new wave cinema, circuit design, Trollope, ontology, Lawrence Welk, conceptual art history, House Hunters, feminist deconstruction, Euclidean geometry. Secrets like: all language is metaphor and how to build complex equations in assembly programming.

Not to take it all too seriously: I do this to try to figure out what it means. But remember, I’m on my bike, often heading towards the soft ice cream place over there, hoping they still have rainbow sprinkles.

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