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My Powelton Village

In October 2022, I started making ceramic mosaics about Powelton Village. They are mostly about the architecture and my understanding of how the neighborhood fits together. But the project is also about having lived here since 1985, and the people I’ve known. How interesting our world is, especially when you look long and hard at a specific place. This work follows a series of site-specific installations at The Crane Arts, Glen Foerd and Park Towne Place, and is inspired by recent visits to Henry Mercer’s Fonthill.

While this handful of blocks in Philadelphia is the place I know best, I still see something new everyday. I can feel how time marks everything from the seasonal shifts in what can be seen, to the cycles of decay and renewal. 

I plan to continue to work on the project for the next few years and will be showing occasionally.  Please get in touch if you want to visit my studio to see how it's going.

Ceramics mosaics, standard 266, cone 6, velvet underglazes, wedi board.  Photo Credit for this page: Neighboring States

Block 17
Big Powel_big.jpg
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