Feb 102019

The Men’s Room

February 14 – March 30, 2019
Tenant Gallery
Crane Arts, 1400 N. American St.
Philadelphia, PA

Opening February 14, 6 – 9 pm

Crane Co. 1905

Perched at the thin end of a triangular block, the Crane Co. building fans out to the northwest along American and Cadwallader Streets. Twenty-six windows line each story of the impressive structure’s front face. A giant on its side, the warehouse is a remnant of Philadelphia’s manufacturing past. Cast off in the mid-twentieth century, it was reclaimed as the Crane Arts in 2004. Inside the ground floor window to the left of the entrance, the space that was the men’s bathroom is now The Tenant Gallery.

Crane Arts 2018

The Men’s Room is about the building and its ground floor bathroom, centered around three large pieces. Crane Co. 1905 and Crane Arts 2018 celebrate the grand facade and symmetrical arrangement of 100 windows. Urinal View offers an alternative look at the bathroom fixture. Supported by a series of smaller pieces, the show considers how the space has been used, seen, and maintained for more than a century.

Urinal View


Branch Managers 1905


Pink Urinal

Did Richard T. Crane use this bathroom?













The 43 pieces in the show are porcelain mosaics. Machine embroidered drawings are impressed into porcelain, painted, and fired to cone 10.