Sep 092018

Six Artists

in Weighty Concerns
September 7 – 23, 2018
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia, PA














Paying close attention to other women’s artwork is an important part of my practice, here with the added frame that the artist is a mother. Following studio visits where we talked about a current or recent project, I created a sculpture that both represents the artistic production and the configuration of that moment of being a mother. Each person is at a different point — from pregnant to becoming a grandmother — and there’s a lot going on: giving and taking, letting go, hope, knowing and not knowing, sadness, fatigue, relief, desire. My focus is on actual images and patterns in the artwork using embroidery to create visual quotes, and extending it into something which alludes to the exigencies of the moment. My work goes off on tangents, playing around with the clay structure for each sculpture and experimenting with how I translate the emotions into something solid. Pushing my ceramics, it is also the first time I’ve used the computerized embroidery in the finished work.