Jul 112017

The Architecture of Remembering
July 8 through 12, 2017
Det gamle Rådhus
Skælskør, Denmark

Thirty-six houses and house-like structures, white stoneware, porcelain,
wood fired, electric fired cone 10.
 Photographs by Ole Akhøj


How do you have a conversation with an artist after she’s gone? That’s what I wanted to do when I was at Guldagergaard’s residency, June — July 2017. Nina Hole’s sculpture greets you on arrival. Its monumental beauty speaks of architecture, home, and houses. At over 10 feet tall, you feel its power with your entire body.

My piece “The Architecture of Remembering” explores her work by making small copies of the sculpture, a process which was like a discussion. It gave me a chance to discover the choices she had made, in respect to the geometry, the specificity of the roof angles, and the pattern of the fire vents. I deconstructed it into groups of little houses, making visible a community hidden in the monument. The project was tinged by sadness at her recent death, because it reminded me of Nick Kripal, who also died in 2016.

Responses to the fire sculpture “Himmel House” and draws on the artist’s understanding of “the house as a metaphor for one’s own body.”

This work was produced in June and July 2017 while an Artist-in-Residence at the International Ceramic Research Center in Skælskør, Denmark.