Mar 152016

Common Inconsistencies Awards

Thank you for coming today. It is a great honor to be on this stage giving these weighty tributes to a selected group of the future Masters of Fine Arts 2016 graduates of the Tyler School of Art.

John Schlesinger, an esteemed Artist, winner of the Rome Prize, Tiffany Award, Siskind Fellowship, NEA Fellowships, juried the show on September 11, and selected the works to be honored today.

The awards consist of white bricks: with one side painted golden. Each brick is unique and represents the artists’ contribution to “Common Inconsistencies.” Let the heft and grit of the object reflect the effort that went into the creating. Let the golden rectangle represent the goal of art making, and how, as we artists move toward the world beyond these Tyler Galleries, we strive for the light, the golden, the sublime. Awards are an important part of the striving, and while each is slightly different, they signify the attempt to reach the ultimate goal of being a great artist.

For those contributors not given awards today: Please don’t be discouraged. Use your disappointment to work even harder, and in that hard work, you too may receive a golden-sided brick in your future.

For the awards: I will call the artist’s name, and ask that he/she/they come on to the stage to receive the prize. If recipient wishes to say something, please limit it to a very brief statement. Five awards will be given now: two singles, two doubles, and the much coveted, single triple.


Stephanie Rogers: Patchwork
Matt Jacobs: Urinals Partitions (Pair)

Corinna Cowles and Bryant Girsch: where the sun don’t shine
Michael Taylor: Meteor 9546070002

Maya Malachowski Bajak: concrete and rebar

Thank you very much for coming and please join me in some light refreshment.