Jan 232016

Let me clear up a few things

MFA Thesis Exhibition
February 2016
Temple Contemporary Gallery

Let me clear up a few things presents a tableau of fragile domesticity. Set in the past, the scene invades the present with an arrangement of objects, beckoning the viewer to have a seat and stay just a little longer. The central video and a few short performances animate the space with an obsessive force, reiterating the repetition, handwork, and craft on display. Part monument to my grandmother, part excuse for not valuing her more, this body of work both reflects my ambivalence and acknowledges its debt to a privileged legacy.

The installation in Gallery 3, Temple Contemporary:

  • Organza curtain (24 x 10 ft) with two doorways and ceramics, intermittent fan (Raspberry Pi, electronic power switch), light casting shadows on east wall.
  • Rug ( 8 x 12 ft) with 15 cushions (2 x 2 ft each) covered with Chenille/Tough Cord bedspreads.
  • Ceramic table: Porcelain (cone 10) gardenias mounted on organza, 34 in. square, pedestal, spot lit.
  • Video projector 1: Back projected on hanging screen (8 x 10 ft), “Puzzle” in 9 acts (9 hours 38 minutes).
  • Card table with fabric and puzzle. Performance space for Puzzle. Interactive space for visitors to work on the puzzle.
  • Lamp with ceramic (cone 10) lampshade and houndstooth cord.

Attic Space including:

  • Patchwork dog (5 x 7 x 1 ft) as a platform for objects.
  • Ceramic houses (7.5 x 8 x 7 in., porcelain, cone 10) with intermittent light.
  • Ceramic curtain (4.5 x 8 ft, porcelain, cone 10) with intermittent light and fan.
  • Objects from household videos including ironing board, bedspread, percolator.
  • Material left over from object making including foam, fabric, saggers for forming ceramic pieces.
  • Lord Chesterfield Beer boxes (4) for objects and connecting attic to exhibition space.
  • Video Projector 2 (attic, left side of pair): Media including movies and tv (4.5 hour loop).
  • Video Projector 3(attic, right side of pair): Household videos including Window Frame, Checkerboard Bedspread, Percolator, and Linen Napkins. (35 minute loop).
  • Video Projector 4 (attic, inside box): 98 images in slide show inside box (4 minute loop).

All nine acts of this video are screened during the exhibition (approximately 9 hours and 45 minutes).‎


Exhibition broadsheet with floor plan, gardenia field guide, and contents.
11 x 17 inches, folded to 5.5 x 4.25 inches.